Liana Zavo

Small Business Owner, Public Speaker, and Consultant in NYC

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Hi, I’m Liana. I’m a mother, small business owner, PR expert and strategist, author, digital storyteller and impact speaker living in NY. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, woman empowerment, writing, and wine. I’m also interested in raising awareness about the opioid epidemic and giving voice to the voiceless. In the last 3 years I have given women a voice and mentored about 1,500 girls in orphanage, high schools and first year of college. We work together to find their passion in life, learn the tools to become a successful entrepreneur and how to become the main character of their life. I believe that anyone can BEPIC and that’s where I teach my 5 simple hacks to be seen and be heard. I came up with a one-word acronym to get me through in times of weakness. You can read my book with a click on the button above.

Hiring a PR firm can be intimidating and overwhelming, but ZavoMedia Group truly does walk beside you, ensuring the process of getting your mission and message out into the world in a seamless process. Not only do I feel guided and free of anxiety, but I also feel my voice and opinions matter versus being silenced in order to sell the brand. Liana and her team are ethical, genuine, professional and extremely hardworking. The amount of personal attention and support I receive from Liana herself..
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